Rich Anthony (Goberville)

Rich Anthony (uses his middle name Anthony, because his last name Goberville is difficult for some to pronounce) has been writing songs for over 20 years now.  

Rich Anthony is a solo singer/songwriter who’s been influenced by singers ranging from Stevie Wonder to Pet Shop Boys to James Taylor to Michael Jackson.  His many influences are reflected in the many styles he has recorded.    Some have described him as a folk/pop artist while others say they want to go dancing in a club while listening to his other songs.  It would be hard to put him in one category, but his heart and soul can be felt in whatever style he does.

Rich Anthony was born in a suburb of Chicago, and currently resides in Joliet, Illinois (about 45 minutes south of Chicago)  He got into music due to his love of putting his thoughts on paper.  Touching people with a poem was great, but he soon realized that lyrics set to music affected people on an even deeper level.  His first time singing in public was for a friends wedding.    A friend of his wrote a piano piece which he put lyrics to.  At first he didn’t expect that he would be the one singing the song.  But he was coerced into singing and from that day on, he felt as if that was where his true passion was.   Although not in a band, he has performed his original songs during cancer walk-a-thons, choir concerts, and at several weddings.

His last Cd “Love is the Power” all started with the song “Even If”.  It  was written in response to family members that asked him how he could foster a child, knowing that he would be creating a bond and becoming attached to this child and possibly having to let go in the end.  Richard wrote this song to help support foster children by donating 100% of proceeds to such charities.  This song is an easy listening, simple song with serious content that holds much personal meaning to him.  The song was recorded in Canada with producer Victor Crowl.  After recording the song, Victor convinced Richard to work on a complete Cd.  After much work, it turned into 2 Cd’s.  The first called "Connected, which includes the song "Even If" and the second CD called "Love is the Power"   The Cd has received good reviews and some radio play from college stations across the U.S.A.    

Rich's newest CD is titled "Electric Love" which is electronic pop based music.  The lyrics have been described as "simple yet profound".  They can touch your feet and make you want to dance, but can touch your heart as well if you listen to their meaning.   One of the songs "Don't Ever" has a video that can be viewed at

The CD is set to be played on several college radio stations during the Fall of 2014.    



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