Rich Anthony (whose full name is Richard Anthony Goberville) is a solo singer/songwriter who’s been writing songs for over 10 years. He’s a physics teacher who spends his summers recording the songs he’s written throughout the year. He has been influenced by singers ranging from Stevie Wonder to Pet Shop Boys to James Taylor to Michael Jackson and his many influences are reflected in the many styles he has recorded. Some have described him as a folk/pop artist while others say they want to go dancing in a club while listening to his other songs. It would be hard to put him in one category, but his heart and soul can be felt in whatever style he does.
Rich Anthony was born in a suburb of Chicago, and currently resides in Joliet, Illinois (about 45 minutes south of Chicago). As a preteen, Rich wrote poems for a hobby. He soon realized that touching people with a poem was great, but lyrics set to music affected people on an even deeper level. His first time singing in public was for a friends wedding. A friend of his wrote a piano piece that he wrote the lyrics and melody to. At first he didn’t expect that he would be the one singing the song. But he was coerced into singing at the wedding and from that day on, he felt as if that was where his true passion was. Although not in a band, he has performed his original songs during cancer walk-a-thons, choir concerts, and at several weddings.
Rich has now released three CD’s. Although he was always writing songs in his head, his adopted son Nick gave him the inspiration to further his efforts and make a CD. While he was fostering his adopted son, whose initial goal was to return back home to his birth parents, he wrote “Even If”. The song was written in response to family members that asked him how he could foster a child, knowing that he would be creating a bond and becoming attached to this child and possibly having to let go in the end. Rich wrote this song to help support foster children by donating 100% of proceeds to such charities. This song is an easy listening, simple song with serious content that holds much personal meaning to him. Soon after releasing the song, Rich found out that he was able to adopt Nick.... A happy ending.  But not the end to songwriting.  Since then his songwriting efforts haven't stopped and he is currently working on a 4th CD.
Rich's 3rd and newest Cd titled "Electric Love" is his continued effort to discover what love is.  He was able to work some great producers (Melza Jordan, Dan Vasquez, and Brandon Harvey) and some great musicians (Kejd Kuqo and Dan Vasquez and Brandon Harvey) for this latest Cd.  They have come up with songs that you will soon have you singing along (if you give it a listen).  The Cd is focused on electronic music, although the song "Happy with You - acoustic" is a preview of what is to come.  Rich has been busy recording acoustic songs lately and looking forward to being able to share those soon.   A review by Alexa Spieler said "To say the least, Electric Love features danceable numbers that are heightened by simplistic, yet meaningful lyricism, which makes it standout amidst the oversaturation of electronic music that lacks meaning."  
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